1. All Operations Of @WetOceanClothing will be moving down to SoCal. DOPE SHIT COMING. WINTER 2014 WØ

  2. ….Small workout tonight with a few players from my youth team. #Work #CoachJ 🏆🏆🏀🏀

  3. 🍕💯

  4. ◼️

  5. ….the plan been established and it’s currently in action. 💯👔💼

  6. ….it’s crazy how shit comes full circle. 🔃

  7. …on the \x/est Coast 💯

  8. ⚫️🔵

  9. Main Focus is to remain Focused.

  10. I was looking for WiFi

  11. All this shit.. Love, Relationships, investing your money, going left or right…. just life itself is a big ass risk. You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Risk taking is apart life so don’t be afraid take them. If the shit don’t workout …swallow the knot in your throat, keep your head up, and move on to the next. It will work out eventually…The Universe Energy doesn’t lie. 🙌🙏#Honest

  12. #Honest ⁉️

  13. 2014 Toyota Mini Van with Automatic Doors w/ @mistabang in St. Louis

  14. No Wifi